We won’t Stop! We are building for future exhibitions! Get onboard Now!

We won’t Stop! We are building for future exhibitions! Get onboard Now!


Take the opportunity, plan for the future now, stay ahead of the game! Contact us now, for the best solution for your coming exhibitions and events! Let’s plan together and build now, let’s make sure that YOU are not left behind when the world gets back on track.


This is our time to together create, design and formulate your best trade show and event ever! Why? We have time, and we are your best possible partner going forward!


Most of us are confined to working from home but that doesn’t mean we need to let this time go to waste. Mail us on sales@mse.events or via our Fb page or LinkedIn… Let us make your next event, the most amazing one. Plan for success.


Get in contact with M&SE we are not going anywhere, we are the partner that stays! Your success is our business!


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Short Update

Short Update


During these challenging times, we need to be proactively reactive. We all need to follow the recommendations and instructions related to our well-being and the containment of this virus. Let’s try to enjoy some of the positive effects that we are seeing in the wake of this through significant improvement in the pollution levels in the major cities around the world and hopefully having more time to spend with our loved ones.

How to move forward
What we can do, is not only to move our businesses forward but also to make sure we take care of our friends and family. With more people working from home and practicing social distancing, it is a good time to reach out to your business partners and customers. 

Let’ Talk! 
We are very happy to continue the positive dialogue with our business partners and customers during these times! Please get back to us regarding possible postponed events, to ensure that this extra time gives us more time to plan and execute an even better event once it finally happens. Stay safe!

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IAEE Members

IAEE Members


Don’t let the hiatus keep you from developing. We at M&SE are working on getting accredited by the Philippine Board of Tourism and we became a member of the IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events). Stay safe!a

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New Zealand Embassy

Official visit to New Zealand Embassy

M&SE had an official visit to the New Zealand Embassy to discuss Incentive Travels and Special Events. Thanks to Ambassador Peter Kell for hosting us and for fruitful discussions. What’s next?

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