Metro Manila Level 1

Metro Manila is under alert level 1

Metro Manila and 38 other areas will be under Alert Level 1 from March 1 to 15. Areas under this level have no restrictions in travel, and all establishments shall be permitted to operate at full capacity.


“Alert Level 1 refers to areas wherein case transmission is low and decreasing, total bed utilization rate, and intensive care unit utilization rate is low.”


Great news for the event industry as venues such as concert halls, theaters, meeting venues, hotels, and more can operate 100% capacity. The minimum public health standards will still be strictly enforced.


Nevertheless, we need to continue following the health and safety protocols and don’t let our guard down.


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10 Event Planner Quotes

10 Event Planner Quotes

Who doesn’t like motivational quotes? Besides all the organizational skills needed to deliver a great project, create amazing experiences, and perform magic in the events industry; also takes a strong and positive mind to achieve the goals and objectives of every project and event.


As an event planner it is important to get inspired and motivated daily. We would love to share some quotes and phrases with you. 


  1. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Every project starts with an idea and having a goal in mind does not achieve success. It is important to set our goals and objectives from the very beginning, make a plan to track our progress and commit to making it happen.


  1. “It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos.”― Mel Odom.  

We are in a high-pressure Industry. Hard-work, discipline and dedication are skills that every organizer should have.


  1. “Always begin with the end in mind” – Dr. Stephen Covey.

Start with a clear vision of the end goal. Understanding the desired result will guide you to the right direction to ensure the project’s end goal.


  1. “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” – Peter F. Drucker.

Time management is key for event planning. Mastering this skill is vital for the planning process of every event.


  1. “Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.” – Cornelius Fichtner.

Strategic planning is crucial to develop our plan of action.


  1. “If it seems easy, you are doing it wrong.”

This is an unspoken event planning rule. The truth is no matter how well-prepared you think you are; you should check, double-check, and then check again!


  1. Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

Last minute changes! Well in this industry expect the unexpected but always be prepared for any possible scenarios and have a second plan to take control of any situation.


  1. “Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford.

Risk management helps us to establish procedures to prevent potential threats and manage the probability and consequences of risks. The significance of always having a risk management plan, communication plan and emergency plan to mitigate risk, solve problems and find solutions during a crisis.


  1. “No man is an island.” – John Donne.

Great events are never done by one person. It requires an amazing team to create unique experiences.


  1. “The show must go on”

Regardless of the difficulties or problems, the show must continue. Clear example is the actual situation which has proven that we are resilient to global pandemics and we always find ways to make things happen.


What is your favorite quote? Share with us your favorite quote!


Remember to keep your passion and professionalism in everything you do! The most successful events are the ones that achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.


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Welcome To The Philippines

Philippines welcomes fully vaccinated tourists

Close to two years of a global pandemic, The Philippines reopens borders and allows the entry to fully vaccinated foreign nationals from more than 150 countries starting on February 10, 2022.


Travel to the Philippines for business and tourism purposes are granted to enter the country without a visa for a period of stay of thirty (30) days or less.


Based on the IATF –EID Resolution 160-B, all arriving visitors must be able to present the following:

  • Proof of vaccination. 
  • Negative RT-PCR Test taken within 48 hours before the date and time of departure from the country of origin / first port of embarkation in a continuous travel to the Philippines, excluding lay-overs for their return journey.
  • Valid tickets for their return journey to the port of origin or next port of destination not later than 30 days from date of arrival in the Philippines.
  • Passports valid for a period of at least six months at the time of their arrival to the Philippines.
  • Travel insurance for Covid-19 treatment costs from reputed insurers, with a minimum coverage of US$35,000 for the duration of their stay in the Philippines.


    More information here:

The Philippines welcomes you! Let’s revive the tourism industry together.


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