DOT Guidelines for MICE Organizers

DOT Guidelines for MICE Organizers, venues and third party suppliers.

Department of Tourism (DOT) presented the health and safety guidelines for MICE organizers, venue facilities and third party suppliers.


The guidelines calls to all parties involved for the completion of health declaration forms, implementation of the policy “No Face Mask, No Entry” for all guests and participants, body temperature checks at the entrance of venue by trained personnel, keep social distance, supply with solution alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizers and Health Safety Reminders shall be installed in visible areas.


Here some important points that you should know:


Venue Facilities:

  • The total number of participants shall be limited to 50% of the maximum venue capacity.
  • MICE facilities should implement physical distancing measures, cleaning, sanitation, disinfection and ventilation of all areas of the venues.
  • Room seating arrangements, at least one meter between participants during the event, including during meals and other interactions and activities. Depending of the conference set-up and break out rooms, distance of one to two meters between seats and a maximum of two pax at each 6 ft
  • Directional signages, floor markings and ushering shall also be provided to create a logical traffic flow and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Venue Operators should submit a Safety and Sanitation Plan covering pre-event, event proper and post-event safety and sanitary measures.


MICE Organizers:

  • MICE organizers are required to formulate an emergency preparedness plan for the prevention of the spread of infection at the event. Including a comprehensive documentation of contact details of all MICE organizers, suppliers, exhibitors and all other participants at the event to be shared with local public and health authorities if any participant becomes ill with a suspected infectious disease.
  • Designate an isolation room or area where persons who feel unwell at the event may be brought to before referral to the doctor on duty, to the nearest hospital, or to the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team. Those with body temperature exceeding 37.5 degrees Celsius and those exhibiting flu-like symptoms shall be refused admission.
  • The protocols encourage to maximize the use of online tools and technology to be more practical, promote less physical contact and minimize gadget handling and physical transfer of materials. For example, cashless method of payment, QR Codes for registration, etc.
  • Exhibit layouts are required to have wider aisles (recommendable size 3m).


Third party suppliers:

  • Food and Beverage Services or Caterers
    • Pre-packed individual meals and drinks shall be the standard means of food packaging throughout the duration of the event.
    • Buffet service is no longer available and self-service is prohibited.
  • Supply Handling
    • Suppliers shall sanitize all equipment and materials (e.g. booths, booth shells, lifting and setup equipment, and all other miscellaneous supplies prior to unloading at the loading bay or delivery to the venue).
    • Customized booths shall be 70% complete prior to ingress to minimize working time inside the venue.
  • Exhibition Booth Set-up
    • Booths 3m x 3m, aisle 3m with the addition of two-way traffic, recommendable 2m for one-way traffic.
    • Maximum of two pax per booth to accommodate one guest per 9 sqm booth at the time.


The protocols apply for those areas under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ) for guidance and strict compliance. Any violation may subject to fines and penalties including revocation of the DOT accreditation.


The MICE Industry plays an important role in the recovery of the tourism industry in the Philippines. As any other sector and business, we can enable safe events.


DOT Guidelines here:


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