Global Event Tracker

Interactive Global Event Tracker by GES

Global Experience Specialists (GES) launched the Interactive Global Event Tracker. It tracks key activities and indicates which destinations that can host face-to-face events for instance trade shows, conferences, live sports, corporate events, etc.


The tool is very interactive and clearly displays a traffic light signals where green light shows that events are occurring with more than 2,000 attendees, yellow light events are occurring with more than 250 attendees with strict mitigation and red light no events.


The tool also presents the opening guidelines and information, the status of professional sports (venue capacity, limited capacity, number of pax allowed, etc.), examples of events, opening guidelines and the city guidelines that directs to the conditions, rules and regulations in effect in the city or region.


GES is a well-recognized leading provider of exhibitions, live event and marketing services with 90+ years of experience, 85+ global locations, with 4,000 live events managed annually, multi awarded company with locations all around the world.


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