Red Alert Philippines Events Industry

“Light up in Red” for the Events Industry in The Philippines

At risk of collapse, the events industry was the first to close down and it will most likely be one of the last industries to return back to business.


During the last couple of weeks, we have seen campaigns across Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK in support of the Live Events Industry where many event venues, outdoor spaces, theaters, arenas, iconic buildings and landmarks were turned red to shine a light on the crisis during the pandemic. US is planning to light red hundreds of building on 1 September, to call for urgent government assistance.


In order to raise awareness in the Philippines, the National Live Events Coalition PH encourage to join the campaign “Light up in Red” on 1st September between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in support for all live event professionals, production companies, technicians, freelancers, performers, musicians, entertainers, venues, art institutions and third parties involved in our industry.


M&SE join in solidarity to show our commitment to this amazing industry. Events bring people together and if you work in the events industry you can be part of this significant action because you know that events matter.


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