Closing Olympics 2020

Olympics 2020 has come to an end

Only Japan could put together this massive event and the Tokyo Olympics has exceeded expectations. Regardless of all the controversy over holding the event during the pandemic one thing is certain, this event brought all nations together in the most challenging times.


What a rollercoaster! The athletes who represent our countries make us very proud of our roots, they are super humans. Also, to all the volunteers that welcome every single person to Japan, all the frontline workers and the organizing committee that make a successful event that without a doubt it was the most awaited sporting event of all times, this was a celebration of hope.


Let’s talk about the event production! Both the inaugural and closing ceremony happen at the Japan National Stadium in Tokyo, the most iconic stadium with an area of 192,000 m2


Fireworks could not be missed, the parades of nations are one of the most exciting moments, the mapping projection in both events was another level of technology specially when the lighting dressed the stadium. What about the light display with 1,824 drones lighting up the sky during the opening ceremony and the special effects forming the Olympic rings at the closing ceremony. 


Several performances that took our breath away, from local artists, Ska band, sopranist, dancers, the taiko drum beats and more. 


What a handover! Tokyo passes the Olympic baton to Paris for the Olympic Games 2024. Extraordinary simultaneous welcoming and starting with the musical performance including the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet who played saxophone from the international space station, the French President Emmanuel Macron delivered the message “Faster, stronger, higher together” and what a beautiful aerial performance from the French Acrobatic Patrol.


Some contradiction in the welcoming at Paris with thousands of people in front of the Paris’ Eiffel Tower and without spectators at the Japan National Stadium in Tokyo.


What astonishing series of events! The value that the games provide to the cities and countries is amazing. Admiration and respect to the committee who worked endlessly around the clock to create an extraordinary and spectacular Olympics 2020.



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