Empty Event

The Empty Event

Great things happen when people come together and the message that the Live Events Coalition want to prove with the Empty Event is clear. The COVID-19 impact on the Events Industry is catastrophic.


The Empty Event illustrates the impact of the current situation in our industry. The first Empty Event took place on the Times Square New York  and the second on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.


48 tables with signs facing an empty stage, each table representing 250,000 of the 12 million event industry workers affected. Involving all the players of the live events industry including event planners, venues, caterers, suppliers and more.


Here some facts that are terrifying:

“It took 100 unpaid live event professionals to make The Empty Event possible. But there are 12 million more without work right now.”

“Live Events workers spend average of 20 years in the industry. COVID-19 ended their careers in a month”

“With 90% event cancellations from March until the end of the year, the live events industry was the first to shut down and will likely be the last to open.”


The Live Event Coalition was created in response to the pandemic last March by industry leaders.


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