Mass Gatherings

World Health Organization provides new guidelines for Mass Gatherings

Great news for our Event Industry as World Health Organization has provided updated guidelines for outdoor events and mass gatherings. The purpose of the document “Key planning recommendations for mass gatherings in the context of COVID-19” published on 29 May provides guidance to governments, health authorities and national or international organizers of mass gatherings on containing risk of COVID-19.


The document recommend changes to large event and encourage to address risks of any origin before planning and organizing events following the best practices on available evidence.


The risk assessment should be tailored to the events and undertaken by local and national public health authorities. The risk factors to assess are the key characteristics and areas to considerer e.g. venue (location, size/type, indoor/outdoor), guest profile (age, health status, provenance, international/local travel to event, etc.), event activities and duration of the event and last but not least the capacity of the host country’s health system to detect and manage cases of COVID-19 in terms of policies, resources, and capacities.


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